Monday, 30 May 2016

Reading to Internalize

"Go to bed smarter than when you woke up." Charlie Munger

Just reading a book for the sack of reading and finishing it is not much value except you can boast of having aread a book.
Until what you read becomes part of your wisdom, not just knowledge, that reading is of not much use. You will not be in position to use that knowledge, that information you got from reading the book.
So in order to make the reading useful, you have got to have a strategy to read a book.

There is no doubt that reading makes you smarter, every page you read leaves you smarter, even if you dont remember anything from that reading. But that reading has definitely left some impression on your mind and probably on the subconscious mind.

Warren Buffett claims to read 80% of his daily time, he reads around 500 pages each single day. 
No doubt he is a billionaire today. 
When you read a lot, read variety, it builds upon itself over period, you generate your own knowledge and wisdom.

But a wrong reading habit can leave you exhausted, devoid of much knowledge and frustrated at the end. Because 
even though you are reading a lot but you are not gaining in wisdom proportionately. 
This is because your reading technique is not correct.
The way a wrong batting/bowling technique can ruin the career of an International cricketer, similarly incorrect
reading technique can damage you.

  1. while reading , take notes, underline, synthesize, ask questions,
  2. relate concept from other things you have read
  3. write in the margin of the books, what are your thought reaction reading any paragraph
  4. after couple of week, pick up the book, write down the gist of what you underlined

Sunday, 21 February 2016

7 Reasons why everyone should, at least, possess "The Habit of Reading"

I had not read even a single word outside my academic reading until I finished my graduation. So after the graduation the fate pushed me into a corner and only the dark was there all around, no clarity in life. I started reading during that time and changed my life for better for ever. 
It's been 20 years since then I have moved beyond those dark days but the habit of reading has stayed with me. And it has done tremendous help to me. Here are the 10 ways reading has helped me.
  1. whenever I needed a mentor in my life for taking any major decision at any stage, it's reading that came to my rescue.
  2. Reading can seriously damage your ignorance, it can liberate you profoundly. I did for me.
  3. You can visit around the earth, around space, your inner self, and magic world, stilling all in your sofa only through. I knew most through reading only.
  4. Reading led to my financial independence as I learnt to manage money.
  5. Making best friends with top minds of past and present reading the thoughts of great minds of the present and past. I could approach any great man, dead or alive, for advice through reading.
  6. Reading gave me understanding that the life is beyond just the job and mundane day to day activities. Reading helped me discover myself.
  7. Jim Rohn says Formal Education can make you living but self-education can make you a fortune. Self-education can only come from Reading, no other way.
Reading helps you discover yourself, it introduces you to yourself. Once you know yourself, the world becomes the most beautiful place, each moment you live becomes heavenly. 
If one has only this habit he will someday find himself through this habit and then he will be able to discover himself. Otherwise, most of us are just wandering on this earth without a purpose, only in search of materialistic goals. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Websites for free English novels

There are 19,000 free ebooks in the Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalogue. 

The Celebration of Women Writers. 

Welcome to The Literature Network! 
Searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast. To find the work you're looking for start by looking through the author index. 1200 full books and over 2000 short stories and poems by over 250 authors. Quotations database has over 8500 quotes.

This content I picked up from an answer on Yahoo!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Be a Facebook Fan!

A recent study by Philippe Verduyn of Leuven University has shown that the more someone uses Facebook, the less satisfied he/she is with life.Many studies have found that using Facebook is associated with jealousy, social tension, isolation and depression.
Do such media reports make you fearful of using Facebook?  I strongly believe that Facebook can have very positive impact on personal lives, professional lives and also on broader society. I will explain how?
1.       How FB can impact our Personal lives
As everyone knows using Facebook can help you better connect with your friends and family members in a globalised world, which would be difficult to imagine otherwise.  You can make new friends and connect with like-minded people from across the world thanks to Facebook.
You have some hobbies like writing, photography, personal finance, Toastmaster, or health etc. There are number of communities and experts on any area of interest on Facebook which provide regular info in those areas. Subscribe to communities related to your area of interest and you would get regular feed on your FB page.  Thus FB becomes your daily read-list. Otherwise you might forget some or other thing. So Facebook helps you grow as a person.
You are desperately looking for answer to some question; put that question on FB community and you will get multiple answers instantly.
Recently I had a question related to Toastmasters whether to join multiple clubs, I put it on FB and within day I received a number of responses from different perspective. So on Facebook I not only get an answer but from multiple perspectives also, making my knowledge more balanced.
2.       Professional
Unknown people, companies, and artists can easily create something unique and become famous overnight with the help of Facebook. All it takes is one friend to share a video, blog, a nice piece of art, and it can quickly spread like wildfire through Facebook. You have talent for music, writing, or painting or anything else. Create your oeuvre and publish it on Facebook.
Rebecca Black, the American pop singer and dancer is a Facebook creation. There is a Chicago based painter who sells 90% of his collection through FB. You want to write a book, keep publishing snippets of your ideas through FB and you would get instantly feedback on your idea, you can refine it and when you finally publish your book it would be much better quality.
Want to start a local business, facebook  is the place to advertize.
“Got What It Cakes” is part of a new wave of online commerce: F-commerce. Annual revenue at the end of her second year in business was a little more than $40,000.
3.       Society
Communities and organizations are using Facebook to educate, inspire, and mobilize people for positive change.Want to do something for society, want to promote a cause; raise fund for cause you care about, Facebook is THE place. Viral videos may not only attract millions of views just for their entertainment value; they may create awareness about an important political or social event in a bid to encourage opinion, voice anger or support. Arab revolution came about because of Facebook. It was just a small Facebook message by someone and people started gathering in the Tahrir square in Egypt and entire history was re-written.
Put your views on Facebook, and see how it gathers momentum and bring profound changes in our society. In India, we have a different kind of cleaner politics being played today, thanks to Facebook. JustGiving, a UK based charity, raised 22m pound through Facebook campaign. There are numerous examples like this.
Conclusion: When someone creates a tool his intention is always to take humanity to next level of evolution, while creating it he never thinks ofdestroying or harming humanity with it.

Facebook as a social networking tool is neutral. It all depends on how we use it. Facebook is like nuclear energy, if harnessed well it can enlighten our lives like nuclear energy provides clean electricity. But if not, it can destroy humanity like nuclear bomb can. So be a Facebook user and spread goodness.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Harvard Study: What Men (and Women) Need To Live A Happy Life?

Some of the highlights from the 75 years long study conducted by Harvard:
  1. alcohol is by far the greatest disruptor of health and happiness, In fact, alcoholism is the single strongest cause of divorce
  2. the people who do well in old age did not necessarily do so well in midlife, and vice versa
  3. memories of a happy childhood are a lifelong source of strength. 
  4. Marriages bring much more contentment after age 70, 
  5. physical aging after 80 is determined less by heredity than by habits formed prior to age 50. 
  6. there was no noticeable difference in maximum income earned by men with IQs in the 110-115 range vs. men with IQs above 150.
  7. the powerful correlation between the warmth of your relationships and your health and happiness in your later years. And also people having warm relationship on an average earns more than those with not so warm relationships
  8. The quality of relationship a child has with mother and father impacts whole of his life.

Above points are excerpts from the article below:

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Insurance buying in India

Based on the life-insurance buying habits of individuals, we can categorize most Indians in two categories: those who buy insurance and those who don't, barring a very few who do not fall in any categories, more on them later.
Those who buy insurance buy all types of insurance products like ULIPs, moneyback, or endowment except the term insurance. And none of these products are really meant to insure the buyer but designed to help the agent who sells the product earn huge commission or designed to accumulate lot of cash for the insurance companies. None of these products insures anyone sufficiently still they sell because the poor buyer knows nothing about insurance.
Those who don't buy any insurance are anyway uninsured so nothing to talk about here.
Then there is a very tiny number of people, whom we can call enlightened, who buy term insurance which really should be bought for the real purpose. But among them also many buys insufficient amount, many don't give correct info to insurance company about themself so claims are rejected when done be family.
Such is the frightening state of insurance in India.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Democracy: A new modern definintion

As languages develop the meaning of words change over time, that's a well known fact. Normally it's a good sign and shows how the language is evolving. Word "nice" used to mean stupid in 13th century but now it means good. But this could be very very dangerous as well. As you would see in case of word "democracy". Real meaning of this word as per language can be expressed well by Lincoln's words as  "government of the people, by the people, for the people." This was very well until few years but not any more.
Now the definition of the word democracy has become "government of the politicians, by the media, for the politicians and lobbyists." The word people which appeared thrice in original definition has now completely disappeared from the modern definition. The reason being that the government is no more for people now.
Today govts world over are run by politicians with a view to not to help citizens to solve their issue or make their life better but to win next election. Entire media is now in few influential hands who cut deals with politicians to present only that news which is favourable to ruling class and suppress or hide anything else. everywhere media has become very biased towards political class these past few years that it never present a true picture to the general public.
Similarly the main aim of the elected ruling class is to work for them self and for their funding friends who provide funds during elections. Most of the laws are now written by lobbying firms who who work behind the scene and write rules which favours industries and not the people. Politicians hesitate taking those decisions which are obviously favourable as such rules will be against the industry.
So we should wait until Oxford release  new version of their dictionary with new definition of word "dictionary". Welcome to information age.

Remembering Einstein during current recession

Insanity: doing same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That's how insanity was defined by Einstein around a century ago.
All the politicians and central bank's bosses all around the developed world should then be labelled as "INSANE" as per the above definition as they have been trying same remedy (quantitative easing, saving banks and supporting artificially housing market from crashing ) for over last 5 years in order to revive the economies but have been unsuccessful. In spite of continuous failure so long they are not ready to try new remedy (which is just the opposite).
I wonder what is going to happen to our future if insanes are ruling us?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cyprus: A nerve wrecking tool in hands of fools oops...politicians

For over past 5 years, democratically elected popular(?) governments in the western world are devising ways in which they can rob the citizens of their countries in broad daylights. and luckily for them (govt.), they have been successful so far as the citizens are too busy in making both ends meet and in daily drudgery of life   that they have not yet noticed all that is being done to them and their future.
But the day light robbery went all the way to shocking level when Cypriot politicians agreed to simply steal simply 10% of saving of pensioners, poor earners who saves little by little for their and their kids' future, to do what? not to build some infrastructure in Cyprus, or to help poor or to fund some future science project. But simply to save their masters/partners-in-(white) crime, the bankers who had been receiving their bonus until the last quarter. 
Such nakedness is so common now across the west and  it's becoming standard that politicians in rest of world may be tempted to follow them. 
when are we going to see justice when actual guilty is blamed but not saved by 1000 covers?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Healthy Mind: Importance of Reading

Most of the adults almost always say that, since they left college they have not read any book other than what their job requires them to read. On  a daily basis they do read something though, thanks to the Internet. But that is general news, like political, sports, entertainment or crime. Hardly anyone even checks economic news section.
I wonder how their minds are going to remain healthy enough in the long run of life. One main advantage of basic education what we have is that it forces children to read at least during their student life and that trains the mind muscles and so the mind grows healthy. Growth of mind would stops as soon as you stop feeding information into it.
Reading is as important to health as physical exercise to the body. But as soon as we complete the education and get into job we stop reading and that is the end of the growth of mind. To be able to solve life's problem and take decision regarding life's complex issues, our mind needs to be healthy and it needs to have huge information base for it to be able to take correct decisions at various stages in life. So one needs to read a wide variety of subjects.