Monday, 28 January 2013

Healthy Mind: Importance of Reading

Most of the adults almost always say that, since they left college they have not read any book other than what their job requires them to read. On  a daily basis they do read something though, thanks to the Internet. But that is general news, like political, sports, entertainment or crime. Hardly anyone even checks economic news section.
I wonder how their minds are going to remain healthy enough in the long run of life. One main advantage of basic education what we have is that it forces children to read at least during their student life and that trains the mind muscles and so the mind grows healthy. Growth of mind would stops as soon as you stop feeding information into it.
Reading is as important to health as physical exercise to the body. But as soon as we complete the education and get into job we stop reading and that is the end of the growth of mind. To be able to solve life's problem and take decision regarding life's complex issues, our mind needs to be healthy and it needs to have huge information base for it to be able to take correct decisions at various stages in life. So one needs to read a wide variety of subjects. 

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