Saturday, 22 May 2010

Smoke & Drink your way up to Corporate ladder.

If you are an ambitious person who wants to achieve a lot in the corporate career as an executive and run up, mind you not walk up or hurry up but run up, the corporate ladder fast then I would advice you stop being a good guy and start smoking, drinking, partying, and on top of that remain single until you achieve what you want. Else you are never gonna be what you have always desperately wanted to be. Why I say so..? Do not agree with me? Then read on end up agreeing with me!
If you are a good guy, you would not smoke, you would not drink or party as you would want to give as much time as possible to your family. So after office you would rush to be with your family to share the diner, over weekends you would want to spend precious little time with the family and family friends, so you would hardly have time to network. The ways of networking are to share a smoke in office with colleagues, call colleagues for a drink after office, party with influential people over weekend.
Since you are a good guy and you do not smoke so you would not go to smoking areas in the office. And that's the best area for networking. Over the time smokers in offices, not only from the same but from various other departments, forge great networks as they get to see each other at common area, get to ask for match box daily and very often each day. So they have great networks. But if you are a good guy you would want to finish your work in as less time as possible as you have to rush to home for diner daily. So you would avoid wasting time for smoking, in fact you would have your tea at your desk only. So NO networking during office hours. Then drinkers create opportunities for networking after office hours also by getting together with same interest guys at pubs/drinks. So over time they forge great networks there also. They may not give much time to family. Similarly weekend partying can be used for networking. As this networking is investment into the future which would ripe and grow many fold over the years and you can redeem this investment whenever you want or need it.
As a family man or mamma's boy you would not get all these opportunies for networking i.e. investing into future.
At the end it's all about networking. Honey!
Who said drinking or smoking is injurious to health. It's NOT!
Hope now you agree with me now....


  1. That's so true Prahlad! I totally agree. I have seen this happen with my hubby,who is a good family guy the old boys networking doesn't work for him...
    The bonds formed in these smoking, drinking, socializing networks are abundant...getting to know influential people, career boosts, etc...but to people like us its no unfair...
    But don't Worry, keep heart...hard work and loving your family is immensely satisfying too :)

  2. I do agree with you...:)

  3. Good Post prahlad ji.. i too agree wit you...

  4. ..amazing post