Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cyprus: A nerve wrecking tool in hands of fools oops...politicians

For over past 5 years, democratically elected popular(?) governments in the western world are devising ways in which they can rob the citizens of their countries in broad daylights. and luckily for them (govt.), they have been successful so far as the citizens are too busy in making both ends meet and in daily drudgery of life   that they have not yet noticed all that is being done to them and their future.
But the day light robbery went all the way to shocking level when Cypriot politicians agreed to simply steal simply 10% of saving of pensioners, poor earners who saves little by little for their and their kids' future, to do what? not to build some infrastructure in Cyprus, or to help poor or to fund some future science project. But simply to save their masters/partners-in-(white) crime, the bankers who had been receiving their bonus until the last quarter. 
Such nakedness is so common now across the west and  it's becoming standard that politicians in rest of world may be tempted to follow them. 
when are we going to see justice when actual guilty is blamed but not saved by 1000 covers?


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