Monday, 30 May 2016

Reading to Internalize

"Go to bed smarter than when you woke up." Charlie Munger

Just reading a book for the sack of reading and finishing it is not much value except you can boast of having aread a book.
Until what you read becomes part of your wisdom, not just knowledge, that reading is of not much use. You will not be in position to use that knowledge, that information you got from reading the book.
So in order to make the reading useful, you have got to have a strategy to read a book.

There is no doubt that reading makes you smarter, every page you read leaves you smarter, even if you dont remember anything from that reading. But that reading has definitely left some impression on your mind and probably on the subconscious mind.

Warren Buffett claims to read 80% of his daily time, he reads around 500 pages each single day. 
No doubt he is a billionaire today. 
When you read a lot, read variety, it builds upon itself over period, you generate your own knowledge and wisdom.

But a wrong reading habit can leave you exhausted, devoid of much knowledge and frustrated at the end. Because 
even though you are reading a lot but you are not gaining in wisdom proportionately. 
This is because your reading technique is not correct.
The way a wrong batting/bowling technique can ruin the career of an International cricketer, similarly incorrect
reading technique can damage you.

  1. while reading , take notes, underline, synthesize, ask questions,
  2. relate concept from other things you have read
  3. write in the margin of the books, what are your thought reaction reading any paragraph
  4. after couple of week, pick up the book, write down the gist of what you underlined

Sunday, 21 February 2016

7 Reasons why everyone should, at least, possess "The Habit of Reading"

I had not read even a single word outside my academic reading until I finished my graduation. So after the graduation the fate pushed me into a corner and only the dark was there all around, no clarity in life. I started reading during that time and changed my life for better for ever. 
It's been 20 years since then I have moved beyond those dark days but the habit of reading has stayed with me. And it has done tremendous help to me. Here are the 10 ways reading has helped me.
  1. whenever I needed a mentor in my life for taking any major decision at any stage, it's reading that came to my rescue.
  2. Reading can seriously damage your ignorance, it can liberate you profoundly. I did for me.
  3. You can visit around the earth, around space, your inner self, and magic world, stilling all in your sofa only through. I knew most through reading only.
  4. Reading led to my financial independence as I learnt to manage money.
  5. Making best friends with top minds of past and present reading the thoughts of great minds of the present and past. I could approach any great man, dead or alive, for advice through reading.
  6. Reading gave me understanding that the life is beyond just the job and mundane day to day activities. Reading helped me discover myself.
  7. Jim Rohn says Formal Education can make you living but self-education can make you a fortune. Self-education can only come from Reading, no other way.
Reading helps you discover yourself, it introduces you to yourself. Once you know yourself, the world becomes the most beautiful place, each moment you live becomes heavenly. 
If one has only this habit he will someday find himself through this habit and then he will be able to discover himself. Otherwise, most of us are just wandering on this earth without a purpose, only in search of materialistic goals.