Sunday, 24 March 2013

Insurance buying in India

Based on the life-insurance buying habits of individuals, we can categorize most Indians in two categories: those who buy insurance and those who don't, barring a very few who do not fall in any categories, more on them later.
Those who buy insurance buy all types of insurance products like ULIPs, moneyback, or endowment except the term insurance. And none of these products are really meant to insure the buyer but designed to help the agent who sells the product earn huge commission or designed to accumulate lot of cash for the insurance companies. None of these products insures anyone sufficiently still they sell because the poor buyer knows nothing about insurance.
Those who don't buy any insurance are anyway uninsured so nothing to talk about here.
Then there is a very tiny number of people, whom we can call enlightened, who buy term insurance which really should be bought for the real purpose. But among them also many buys insufficient amount, many don't give correct info to insurance company about themself so claims are rejected when done be family.
Such is the frightening state of insurance in India.

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