Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Internet can change government too? Amazing!

I have always been fascinated by (the power of) Internet and I always feel lucky to be born at a time when Internet came into being. As I moved into my mid-twenties and Internet started to become widespread and famous and that was the time I hooked onto it and ever since have been riding on it. I feel lucky because it’s the Internet where I go when I have any doubt or any question and it has always given me an answer for my questions, I guess always right one.I was always aware of the power of Internet but never believed that it can change world so much. If one sees the events taking place in the Arab world these days, one will just be amazed at the power of Internet. It’s Internet that helped the protesters in these countries to unite and protest against the authoritative governments, it was Internet that gave people voice to share with like minded people of their countries and spread among all. Internet was the media which then spread it to another country and then another and then entire Arab world. So it’s the Internet which is trying to democratize the part of world. I never thought that Internet can change a government also.It’s just amazing.

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