Sunday, 17 June 2007

Presidential election

The announcement of name of Pratibha Patil as the candidate for presidential elections was almost a shock to most of Indians (I think so). She was hardly known to most of Indians before her name was announced barring few areas like Maharashtra and Rajsthan where she has been active in political life.

According to the media reports she was selected because left and congress were are agreeing on any one candidate so then they chose a least controversial candidate. Least controversial means being a rubber stamp. Criteria for the highet post in nation is not credential of a person but how easily he/she could toy a party or a person's line.

Everyone is bragging now that it's triumph of womer power in India yes that is very true it's triumph of women power not because Pratibha Patil was selected but because she was selected by Sonia Gandhi.

She was only selected at the last moment tell itself that she was the last choice and all these days name of not a single women firgured in discussions.

What are we doing with our great institutions, like president's post, putting people who are more loyal to a particular family? Is this how a democracy should work.

President like Dr. Kalam has raised standards for this institution to a very high level. It'd be very difficult for any new person to even match them, forget raising them further.
I just hope that Pratibha Patil lives up to the standards of that post and she herself creates new
benchmark and leave a mark of her own.

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