Sunday, 14 September 2008

Terrorrist Attacks : Gandhian Philosophy at the best

India today is truely following Gandhian philosophy. Today there were again terrorist attacks in New Delhi, right under the nose of the national govt. This is after a series of smilar attacks in Jairpur, Banglore and Ahmedabad. We did not learn anything from previous three attacks. Securities agency could have been alert to prevent this. But probably govt. at centre, which is Congress-led, is following Gandhi's philosophy, that if someone slaps you on your one chick, put forth the other chick as well. Congress-led central govt. went farther than that by giving fourth chance to the terrorists.
Prabably govt. is thinking at best how many such attacks will terrorist carry out. After they have done one such attack in each of cities in India, they will themselves stop. Why to worry and why put intelligence agency staffs with unncessary burden? Govt.'s thinking is after all cities are attacked once, terrorist will stop and eternal piece will prevail all over India.
God save India.

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