Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Us Vs Them: Is there really democracy?

It's often told , especially by the westerners, that we in west are able to decide our government and we have freedom and Chinese don't have such a right. And I have been believing all this for years really. But now I am really starting to doubt this fact. Is there real democracy anywhere? This is a big question in my mind. In west, we have seen governments changing in many countries in last few years, especially since this financial crisis started, e.g. in US, in Spain, in Greece, in Belgium, and even in India.
And these changes in the govts. were done through the so-called democracy. But what have these changes given to the citizens, to the people? The more of the same. In India we see the same corruption, same kind of policies continuing or policy paralysis. In western countries, same policies are continuing which caused this financial crisis in the first place. Increasing level of unemployment. In fact, some govt. heads are replaced by unelected leaders like in Italy and Greece so as to make decision-taking unhindered without being concerned about the citizens. So there is no change, it's continuation of the the same even if there is change in govt. Politicians promise something when they are not in govt. but once they are in it they continue with the status quo.
But in case of Chinese communism, at least govt. act and they deliver, that too regularly. So is it not the better system for as long as at least economic management of the country is concerned?

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