Sunday, 13 January 2013

Goal Of my Life

Goal for my life is not a milestone to achieve, but a journey to live and enjoy. 

Any day two years from now or 10 years from now, if my wife is still saying that she can not live without me and she still feels the same love for me as two love struck youngsters feel for each other, then that’s achievement of goal for my life. 

I have two sons, and when they are teenagers or adult and if they still treat me like one of their closest friend and we have mutual respect coming deeply from heart, they are fine human beings and ready to take the challenge of their life with ease than I would say I am successful and achieved goal of my life. 

Because to achieve all this, you have to have self-respect, great health, good enough bank balance, a few great friends, else balance in life would not be there. With all this only goals of life could be achieved. That means you would have had a successful career also, because achieving all that is not possible if your job is now going well. 

So ultimately what I want in life is a balanced life where there is balance in every aspect of my life, be it career, my family, parenting, my personal finances, friends and family, community, how well I provide education to my sons etc. I want to be able to enjoy the journey better than desire to be happy after having arrived at my destination. It's journey that's important not the destination.

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