Saturday, 23 March 2013

Democracy: A new modern definintion

As languages develop the meaning of words change over time, that's a well known fact. Normally it's a good sign and shows how the language is evolving. Word "nice" used to mean stupid in 13th century but now it means good. But this could be very very dangerous as well. As you would see in case of word "democracy". Real meaning of this word as per language can be expressed well by Lincoln's words as  "government of the people, by the people, for the people." This was very well until few years but not any more.
Now the definition of the word democracy has become "government of the politicians, by the media, for the politicians and lobbyists." The word people which appeared thrice in original definition has now completely disappeared from the modern definition. The reason being that the government is no more for people now.
Today govts world over are run by politicians with a view to not to help citizens to solve their issue or make their life better but to win next election. Entire media is now in few influential hands who cut deals with politicians to present only that news which is favourable to ruling class and suppress or hide anything else. everywhere media has become very biased towards political class these past few years that it never present a true picture to the general public.
Similarly the main aim of the elected ruling class is to work for them self and for their funding friends who provide funds during elections. Most of the laws are now written by lobbying firms who who work behind the scene and write rules which favours industries and not the people. Politicians hesitate taking those decisions which are obviously favourable as such rules will be against the industry.
So we should wait until Oxford release  new version of their dictionary with new definition of word "dictionary". Welcome to information age.

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